6 reasons why Thailand is ideal for a family holiday

Thailand offers an incredible opportunity for families looking to have a memorable holiday. Whether you’re seeking adventure, relaxation, or cultural experiences, Thailand has something to offer everyone in the family. Here are six reasons why Thailand is such a good destination for a family holiday. 

Outstanding value for money

A holiday in Thailand represents exceptional value for money. Wherever you decide to stay in Thailand, you can find comfortable and family-friendly accommodation options at reasonable prices. Food, transport, tours, and activities are also very affordable, so you can enjoy a relaxing holiday without breaking the bank.

Importance of family in Thai culture

Family is extremely important in Thai culture. This extends into the tourism sector, with the renowned hospitality of the Thai people making the country ideal for a family holiday. In fact, it can come as something of a culture shock at first when staff in hotels and restaurants make a fuss of young children. But this is a mark of respect for you and your family because they are treating your children with the same fondness they would with members of their own family. 

A choice of family-friendly destinations

Whichever region in Thailand you travel to, you will have a wide choice of family-friendly destinations. 

In North Thailand, Chiang Mai is an ever-popular destination for families with activities like visiting an ethical elephant sanctuary, something that can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

In South Thailand, islands like Ko Lanta are ideal for families with safe beaches, a low-key atmosphere, and plenty to see and do to keep young ones entertained. The same is true for Ko Chang over on Thailand’s East Coast.

Easy to travel around

Travel in Thailand is easy to arrange and good value for money. Internal flights are plentiful with two airports in Bangkok, Suvarnabhumi and Don Mueang, flying to and from destinations across the country. Wherever you fly from in Bangkok, it will take little more than an hour to reach destinations such as Chiang Mai, Phuket and Ko Samui. 

Train travel in Thailand is a wonderful way to see more of the country and can be a fun adventure for younger travellers, especially the comfortable overnight sleeper trains. 

In Bangkok, don’t miss the chance to ride the modern elevated Skytrain or the efficient metro system. Taking a boat trip along the Chao Phraya River is another easy and exciting activity that children usually enjoy. Of course, there is also the opportunity to ride in one of the icons of Thailand, the three-wheeled tuk-tuk. To take your family tuk-tuk adventures to another level, check out the amazing trips arranged by The Tuk Tuk Club in North Thailand.

Local experiences 

A holiday in Thailand is not only fun for children but also educational. Being exposed to a different culture, trying new things to eat, and seeing another way of life are all culturally enriching experiences for youngsters.

With so many colourful festivals taking place in Thailand throughout the year, there’s a good chance you may see one on your travels. One of the most memorable events for children is the Songkran Thai New Year Water Festival. The event is celebrated nationwide in April and is famous for the good-natured water fights that take place. Songkran is a unique experience that has to be seen in person to do it justice and it’s something that your children will love to tell their friends about when they return to South Africa!

For a better insight into Thai culture, consider visiting any of Thailand’s many community-based tourism projects. They offer practical and hands-on experiences that children often enjoy. Whether it’s going fishing, planting mangroves in the mud, or learning how to do batik painting, these are fun and educational activities that also help support local communities. 

Amazing attractions 

There are many amazing natural attractions in Thailand that all the family can enjoy. Pay a visit to the breathtaking Khao Sok National Park, take a longtail boat ride across Cheow Larn Lake and spot wildlife along the way. Visit the national parks at Khao Yai or Kui Buri for the chance to see elephants in the wild or go on a gentle hike in the jungle and cool off in waterfalls. 

You’ll also find lots of other fun activities to enjoy in locations across Thailand. From the impressive water parks in Hua Hin and Phuket to the delights of frisbee soccer or golf soccer on Ko Samui, there is much to keep your family entertained on a Thailand holiday. 

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