East Coast Thailand

Thailand’s East Coast is home to stunning beaches, quiet towns and lively resorts. Whether you’re seeking to get away from it all or would like the option to party, there are plenty of options in this corner of Thailand.  

Pattaya is the best-known resort area on the East Coast, but for a more laid-back alternative, head further along the coast to Rayong or Chanthaburi.

If you’d like to do some island hopping, the Ko Chang archipelago is ideal. And for an island getaway within easy reach of Bangkok, consider Ko Samet or the tiny island of Ko Si Chang. 

Ko Kham (near Ko Chang)
Ko Rang (near Ko Chang)
Ko Larn (near Pattaya)


Chanthaburi often gets overlooked by tourists who are in a hurry to reach the gorgeous islands of the Ko Chang archipelago. But Chanthaburi has plenty of local charm with a historic waterfront area, one of the most attractive churches in Thailand and some fabulous food.

Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, Chanthaburi
Ko Chang

Ko Chang

Ko Chang is the main attraction in a string of islands that collectively make up the Ko Chang archipelago in Trat province. Many of the islands are uninhabited with the main tourist facilities to be found on Ko Chang. Accommodation is also available on the quieter nearby islands of Ko Kood (also known as Ko Kut), Ko Muk and Ko Wai.

Ko Samet

The picturesque island of Ko Samet is another convenient option for anybody seeking a beach holiday in proximity to Bangkok. With attractive beaches and some excellent seafood restaurants, Ko Samet is a popular weekend destination for Bangkok residents.

Ko Samet
Ko Si Chang

Ko Si Chang

While Ko Si Chang may not offer the same pristine sandy beaches you can find on the other islands on Thailand’s East Coast, it still has plenty of charm. If you have a flexible schedule and find that Pattaya is too busy for your liking, head to Si Racha and make the short boat ride across to Ko Si Chang for a taste of local life.


Easy to reach from Bangkok, Pattaya is one of the most popular resort towns in Thailand. Famous for its vibrant nightlife, it’s fair to say Pattaya won’t appeal to everyone. However, it’s also a destination with lots of family-friendly activities including water parks. If you’d prefer to stay somewhere quieter on the East Coast, take a look instead at nearby Rayong or the islands in the Ko Chang archipelago.

Sanctuary of Truth, Pattaya
golden field, rayong, thailand-3207646.jpg
Tung Prong Thong, Rayong


For most overseas tourists, their only experience of Rayong is the island of Ko Samet and the pier at Ban Phe. While it’s true that the Rayong mainland is a low-key destination, that is all part of the appeal for the Thai families who come to holiday here for a quieter and more authentic experience compared to nearby Pattaya.

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