Andaman Coast

With its countless islands and stunning beaches, Thailand’s Andaman Coast is ideal for a relaxing holiday. This area is home to two of Thailand’s best-known resort areas, Krabi and Phuket. But it is also the location of less well-known, but equally beautiful locations like the Trang Islands and Tarutao National Marine Park.

Coconut Beach, Khao Lak
Pattaya Beach, Ko Lipe
Ko Yao Noi, Phang Nga province


Krabi is renowned for its stunning limestone mountains, beautiful islands, and picturesque beaches. This stretch of the Andaman Coast attracts a diverse range of visitors, from retired couples seeking winter sunshine to solo travellers in search of adventure. While the region offers opportunities for relaxation on its wonderful beaches and exploration of its stunning islands, Krabi also boasts an intriguing history and a rich cultural heritage.

Snorkelling at Poda Island, Krabi
Phang Nga Bay

Phang Nga

Phang Nga offers inviting beaches, delightful islands, and breathtaking seascapes. Situated between Krabi and Phuket, Phang Nga provides a different experience compared to its more famous neighbouring destinations. If you prefer a beach holiday or island getaway with a more local feel, staying in Phang Nga is worth considering.


It’s easy to see why Thailand’s largest island attracts so many visitors. With its abundance of beaches, scenic location, and wide range of accommodation options, Phuket is an excellent choice for a holiday.  The presence of an international airport and a road bridge connecting it to the mainland also makes Phuket one of the most convenient Thai islands to travel to.

Big Buddha, Phuket
Ko Kam Tok, Ranong province


Ranong is located at the top of Thailand’s Andaman Coast. While tourists often overlook Ranong in favour of more well-known destinations further south, such as Krabi and Phuket, this can be an advantage for those seeking a unique experience. Ranong is home to lovely islands like Ko Phayam and Ko Chang (not to be confused with Ko Chang in Trat province), as well as numerous attractions on the mainland.


Despite being a small province, Satun offers a wealth of experiences. As the last stop on Thailand’s scenic Andaman Coast before reaching Malaysia, this is a fantastic region to explore, featuring incredible islands and expansive national parks. Nestled in a tranquil corner of Thailand that remains relatively undiscovered by tourists, Satun is an ideal destination for those seeking a peaceful tropical escape.

Ko Hin Ngam, Tarutao National Marine Park
Ko Kradan, Trang province


The southern Andaman province of Trang boasts some of Thailand’s most picturesque islands and beaches. While most tourists visiting the Andaman Coast tend to flock to the more popular destinations of Krabi and Phuket to the north, Trang’s islands have managed to maintain their low-profile charm. The absence of mass tourism, combined with the natural beauty of the islands, makes the Trang area a delightful place to visit.

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